As I live 2 hours away talked to Fahid on the phone and struck a price before even went down. The vehicle was better than stated so bought it and drove it home. He sent the paperwork up later when completed from the ministry. The check engine light came on and told him about it and was covered under the warranty given when bought. How many other places can you say that about. Would definitely return to buy again here or send family to do so. Highly recommend Fahid and here to deal with.

Him Self Canada

Although I didn't purchase a car at this lot, I liked the atmosphere of the place. a car caught my eye that I really liked and if I wasnt so picky about the actual color of the car, I would have jumped. nice, family owned lot. right when my car door opened, a gentleman came out to greet me. friendly and very knowledgeable about the vehicle I was looking at. thanks again!

Justin Baron Canada

My mom bought a car from Fadi, total experience is awesome. We were treated with respect, and also impressed with the quality of sanitization they have in place. The car was in a a very good shape, nice , clean and reasonable price. Other staff were awesome. I recommend them.

Kw waterloo Canada

Excellent customer service, great prices! We really enjoyed our experience with Pristine Auto Sales and would do business with them again!

Amanda Agnew Canada

The customer service was excellent. Mr. Samhouri was wonderful, it was like dealing with a good friend I had known for years! He was very knowledgeable and honest with me about the various vehicles I were looking at. He took the time to explain the pros and cons for the vehicle I was interested in. I appreciated his no pressure sales approach and the fact that he took his time to answer all of my questions thoroughly. I will be sharing this positive experience with my friends and family and will encourage them to buy their next car at Pristine Auto

Rose Zeitoun Canada

Excellent customer service, great prices and safe, quality cars! Good place for a family to buy a car.

M Kilmer Canada

Friendly, honest, efficient people, quality cars, incredibly affordable prices. If you need a reliable used car, this is the only place!

Dr. Jordan Samhuri Canada

I am responding, to this unhappy person, Luca Greco, if you deside to by a car @ Prestine Auto Sales, please don't take drogs before, or you going to act stupid.

Josè G Canada

Fadi and his amazingly nice wife and staff are always very friendly and eager to help answer any questions you might have about any vehicle(s) they may or may not have on the lot. If they don't have it they will find you the exact car your looking for. GREAT HONEST PEOPLE! You won't find honesty like this at just any dealer.

Dwayne LugNutz Canada

Nice selection of quality vehicles, the salesman was awesome. The owner was our salesman, we bought a 2008 Subaru Tribeca. It is in beautiful shape. All the vehicles on the lot looked great. My wife is so happy with her new wheels.

Yeshua Ja Canada

We purchased a used vehicle from Fadi back in October 2019( we are procrastinators). The vehicle had just come in, and we fell in love. Fadi and his team got the truck ready and BOOM it was ours. Within the first few days, it stop working, we called Fadi and his team, and they took a look at it. Nothing could be found. We got the truck back and went on with life... A few days later... It stopped working, we were livid to say the least, yet Fadi was patient with us(we were not always very nice about the situation), and we took the truck back in, they fixed a sensor they believed to be the problem and we brought the truck home. Then, you guessed it, it died again. This time, Fadi took it for a few days, discovered the issue and fixed it. During this time, he actually gave us a loaner vehicle to use, so we could still get around. Fadi then drove our car back to us, so we wouldn't have to make the drive to Cambridge again. This sounds like a horror story, in some ways it was, it was definitely not ideal. However, the way Fadi took ownership, made the problem his own, dedicated himself to finding the problem, and put up with angry calls, was amazing. Looking back, the problems were not his fault, he didn't make the truck not work, but he did do everything he could to ensure it was fixed. He is an honest, dedicated salesman, for that we are thankful. Sorry for all the abuse we have given you, thank you for making it right, and thank you for an amazing truck! No issues since and she runs like a dream. We would definitely buy from Pristine again.

Kim Koch Canada

I had a great experience here, very friendly customer service and great prices!

Lucy Andres Canada

Fadi is a truly nice and honest person. Very reasonable.Not pushy and very understanding. Does not sell junk! Genuine.

Lenze Elzinga

We were looking for a second, older car. After doing some research, we found what we were looking for at Pristine. All our questions were patiently answered. The price was reasonable. There was full disclosure of all details pertaining to the history of the vehicle. The vehicle was spotless. The service was courteous and professional. We would definitely go back to Pristine, should we need another vehicle in the future.

Johanna Partnoy Canada

Bought my first car from here (an '04 Santa Fe!!) and I am very much in love it (no issues, drives like brand new)!! The staff there are very friendly and took the time to answer all of the questions I had (I had no idea what I was doing but they helped me through it). It was also immaculately clean and I got it within a couple of days. 10/10 chance that Ill be buying my second car from this dealership!!

Aurra Startup Canada

Friendly customer service and good selection of used cars and excellent prices!!

Aaron Ewing Canada

The excellent service the owner provides. Very nice and reasonably priced vehicles.

James Ken Canada

I went with my aunt to buy a Honda civic and I was very pleased with the atmosphere. The guy that we dealt with was very nice and took care of everything. All we had to do was agree, sign papers, and drive away.

Daniela M Canada

Great service. I bought two cars from there. Im happy with the me. I always tell people to go there first.

Zaid Yousif Canada